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Aquino to Poe: Be More Discerning

Senator Aquino who presented the list of fake news sites made by a catholic church group responded with “okay” on Nieto’s celebrated statement and turned his head towards Senator Grace Poe. “I ask the chairman to please be more, uh, maybe in the future, we can be more discerning with who we ask to present here as well,” he said.

Philippine Senator Uses A Catholic Church’s List of Fake News Sites

In the heat of the discussion, Senator Bam Aquino pulled out a piece of paper containing a list of fake news sites produced by a catholic church. He said the list “was read on all the churches on a Sunday.”

CBCP News, Rappler, Inquirer Dominate Google Search Result for “Philippine Politics”

The 3 media outlets of the Philippines have recently been receiving criticisms from many Filipinos for “biased and inaccurate reporting” and for falsely giving the international community wrong data/numbers on the hotly debated issue of President Duterte’s war on illegal drugs.