The Art of Utang na Loob

Ever wonder why your friends who have studied or are studying at the University of the Philippines or some other “prestigious” universities hate the progressive President, that is Rodrigo Duterte? I have.

It honestly shouldn’t even be a matter of wonder why these well-educated men and women back the opposition. After all, they are free people and are free to choose their political affiliation. But we have a special case here because frankly, no one in their right mind would choose to be part of the opposition, namely the Liberal Party of the Philippines.

The party have ruled for about 30 years and have brought nothing but the downward spiral on the line chart of the country’s economy. The Philippines turned from the second most richest country in Asia to one of the worst after the Aquino-led Yellow Revolution. The once safe and clean streets of the Marcos era transformed into fertile grounds for the drug cartels’ crime and murder. The government, established to protect the rights of the people was infiltrated by puppet politicians of the oligarchy and the cartel. The Philippine money which was flowing heavily on Philippine infrastructures, poured to the oligarchic families who benefited from the ouster of the visionary President Marcos. Yellow cronies occupied government posts and transformed the country into one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

Throughout decades of the yellow regime, we have seen justice dragged away, far from the people who need her. We have seen poor farmers machine-gunned for trying to claim what is rightfully theirs. We have seen innocent women raped and killed by drugged criminals on almost a daily basis. We have seen drug-cartel cronies magically win elections. We have seen our children used as guinea pigs for an experimental vaccine. We have seen our public health insurance who takes care of our sick and dying go close to bankruptcy because of corruption. We have seen our infrastructure crumble to humiliation. We have seen our international airport run by laglag-bala gang. We have seen our mountains raped by illegal mining. The list goes on…

We have seen so many things so dreadful it is shocking to see some people defend a political party who has allowed all these injustices and speak critically against a president who is trying to eliminate it all. This is the case of my wonder.

So I did a little critical thinking and my guess is this: utang na loob. As it turns out, most of these well-educated dilawans who keep pushing and defending the disgusting yellow agenda may have received some sort of educational scholarship and support from yellow politicians; somehow locking them up in lifelong gratitude, or in Filipino term, servitude. Not surprised. Filipinos, after a series of foreign colonization, have developed a strong slave mentality making it difficult for some well-educated folks to differentiate gratitude from servitude. That despite the obvious corruption of their scholarship sponsors, they will bend over to defend them. — BRGY

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