Liberal Party politicians defend transphobic blogger

PHILIPPINES – Liberal Party politicians who form the majority of the group ‘Tindig Pilipinas’ has released a statement defending a ‘fake news’ blogger who has attacked a transgender political progressive writer and the image of commercial sex workers.

In a statement released Friday, the group addresses the ‘violation of rights’ of the transphobic blogger after it was forced to come out from hiding due to a series of libelous, false blog posts.

One of the defamatory blog posts of Jover Laurio, the ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ owner is falsely accusing Sass Sasot, a transgender progressive writer of being a commercial sex worker in The Netherlands. Her evidence: 2 Facebook photos of Sasot in a sexy outfit. She also implied that being a commercial sex worker, arguably the world’s oldest profession, is something that degrades your value as a person.

The transphobic blogger’s claim was debunked after Miss Sasot revealed the album of where the photos were taken: a Halloween costume party in The Netherlands.

Regardless, it is interesting to note that the Liberal Party of the Philippines supports transphobia, a discrimination the Liberal Party around the world condemns.

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