Fake news aggressor plays victim. Mainstream media eats it up.

PHILIPPINES – The anonymous owner of the libelous anti- national progress online site ‘Pinoy Ako Blog’ has been unmasked by the progressive independent bloggers with the help of the zealous Filipinos. After almost a year of defamatory activity, Jover Laurio has come out of hiding. She is one of a few who run sites of slanderous nature.

Miss Laurio now plays the victim and the mainstream media, both local and international, has taken it unquestioningly. One has to do an independent research to recognize her fraudulent victimhood. Countless articles of unfounded claims have been published by the aggressor turned victim causing public mistrust towards many public officials working hard for national progress.

The fake news blogger who previously said her mother died when she was 10 years old, now says her mother is telling her to fight after being exposed. And the mainstream media thinks she holds veracity.

Unmasked, Miss Laurio has close ties with the oligarchs of the Philippines who are constantly trying to destablize the pro-poor government of President Duterte. This connection explains why the mainstream media showcases her charade of victimization, not because she is a woman. – BRGY

{ Photo shows PAB owner Jover Laurio with Vice President* Leni Robredo }

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