Aquino to Poe: Be More Discerning

At the senate hearing on fake news on Wednesday, October 4, Senator Bam Aquino asked the chairperson Senator Grace Poe to be more discerning in choosing who to invite as resource person. The exchange of words between the two senators happened after RJ Nieto’s witty response on Aquino’s push to discredit his political blog ‘Thinking Pinoy’ as a fake news site.

Senator Aquino who presented the list of fake news sites made by a catholic church group responded with “okay” on Nieto’s celebrated statement and turned his head towards Senator Grace Poe. “I ask the chairman to please be more, uh, maybe in the future, we can be more discerning with who we ask to present here as well,” he said.

Senator Poe defended her decision saying, “Senator Bam, we’re talking about fake news. So if he is categorized as a member of those blogs that are in the fake news category. Then you have him right here! And you can verify whether it’s true or not!”

The snarky response by the calm woman senator was met by Mr. Aquino’s out of place follow up question. “Ahh! So kumbaga mas alam nya ang tungkol sa fake news? (Ah! So it’s like saying he knows more about fake news?” Poe said no! – BRGY

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