CBCP News, Rappler, Inquirer Dominate Google Search Result for “Philippine Politics”

As majority of Filipinos fix attention to the ongoing senate hearing on fake news, a recent stumbled-upon quick search for keywords “Philippine politics” revealed CBCP News as one of the top news sources for the current political affairs of the country.

CBCP, short for Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, lands on the 6th spot just after big news companies like The Economist and Aljazeera. Rappler and Inquirer took the 8th and 10th spot, both after BBC.

The 3 media outlets of the Philippines have recently been receiving criticisms from many Filipinos for “biased and inaccurate reporting” and for falsely giving the international community wrong data/numbers on the hotly debated issue of President Duterte’s war on illegal drugs.

“These mainstream media are preventing Duterte from achieving his goal of a peaceful Philippines,” one dismayed Filipino said.

The google search was done outside of the Philippines. – BRGY

{Photo from balitangbalita.com}

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